Sam Feher has some choice words for Madonna amid the rumours of the pop icon’s budding relationship with boxer Josh Popper.

The “Summer House” star, who was once romantically linked to Popper, recently joked to Page Six that the “Hung Up” songstress “wants her leftovers.”

The beauty influencer continued ecstatically doubling down on her claims, exclusively telling the publication: “Madonna wants my leftovers! Madonna just copied me!” 

The 25-year-old reality star even stated that the headlines for the rumoured romance between Madonna and Popper should’ve been: “Madonna copies Sam Feher, ‘Summer House’ rookie.”

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Feher and Popper were engaged in a short fling when the boxer was invited to stay at her house in the Hamptons before quickly realizing there wasn’t much of a spark between them.

According to Feher, she and the boxing instructor, 29, are still friends and even playfully joke about the alleged relationship with the pop superstar.

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“I mean, we messaged about it jokingly of like, ‘Oh, if this is true, that’s baller,’ and he’s very vague. No one knows the truth.”

The media personality said that if the rumours are true, she’s “thrilled for him.”

Feher ended the topic on a playful note, saying: “This is not the coolest thing that’s ever happened to Josh — it’s the coolest thing that’s ever happened to me, OK?!”