Even after the lawsuits, it’s all love between Diddy and Sting.

Back in 1997, Diddy sampled The Police’s classic “Every Breath You Take” without permission for his hit with Faith Evans, “I’ll Be Missing You”.

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Sting, who wrote the song, sued Diddy and won 100 per cent of royalties from “I’ll Be Missing You”, telling “The Breakfast Club” in 2018 that Diddy pays him $2,000 a day for the song.

When a clip from the interview recently began spreading around Twitter, Diddy decided to correct the record.

“Nope. 5K a day,” he revealed, adding, “Love to my brother @OfficialSting!”

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In that 2018 article, Sting said of his relationship with Diddy, “We’re very good friends now.”

The two even posed for photos together that year at the 60th Grammy Awards.

However, in a new tweet sent out into the Twittersphere on Friday, April 7, Diddy tweeted that he was just being “facetious” when he admitted to paying Sting $5K daily.

“I want y’all to understand I was joking! It’s called being facetious! Me and @OfficialSting have been friends for a long time! He never charged me $3K or $5K a day for ‘Missing You.’ He probably makes more than $5K a day from one of the biggest songs in history,” wrote the hip-hop star with a heart and laugh-cry emoji.

Diddy ended the tweet with a swift “LOVE.”