Kanye West really loves sushi.

The “Runaway” rapper and his Donda Academy are being sued, according to TMZ, by two teachers who were fired from the school.

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In the lawsuit, the women allege that they lost their teaching positions in part because they are Black, and also as retaliation for raising concerns about code violations.

Among the unusual practices they claim occurred at the school, the filing alleges that the only lunch option available to students each day was sushi, and that the kids were not allowed to bring in outside food or drink other than water.

The women claim that West spends $10,000 each week on sushi for the school.

Other allegations include that students were not allowed to wear jewelry or bring crossword puzzles or colouring sheets to the school, and that classes were not held on the second floor because the rapper is “afraid of stairs.”

More seriously, students were apparently not allowed chairs in class, forcing them to stand, or sit on foam cushions and stools.

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Students were allegedly also locked in the school from the outside during school hours, and were not allowed to go outside until it was time to head home, staying inside even for lunch and recess.

Other alleged violations included the lack of a janitor or school nurse, no trashcans in the halls or kitchen, and students’ medication being stored in an unorganized closet with other expired meds.

The women also claim that there were no lesson plans or disciplinary procedures set up at the school, and that their paycheques were regularly short up to $2,700 each pay period.

West’s team has not yet responded to the suit.