It’s always a treat when a former “Saturday Night Live” cast member returns to host, and this week’s episode features the return of Molly Shannon.

In a series of promos, Shannon — who joined the cast in 1995 and exited in 2001 — is joined by current cast member Ego Nwodim and musical guests the Jonas Brothers.

In the first, Nwodim asks the JoBrios if they’re ready for the annual “SNL” Easter egg hunt. “Oh, we can’t participate in that,” Nick Jonas says. “Really? Why not?” asks Shannon “Our mom said we’re not allowed to have chocolate,” Joe Jonas responds. “It makes us too hyper,” added Kevin Jonas.

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In the next promo, Nwodim shares her excitement that spring has finally arrived in New York, which leads Shannon to suggest that they do the show outside, with everyone exiting the stage. Shannon and Nwodim immediately return, agreeing that was “probably not a great idea.”

Looking around, the realize the JoBros have not returned.

“Oh shoot. I think we lost the Jonas Brothers,” the host declares. “Do you sing?” Nwodim asks her. “A little,” admits Shannon.  “We’ll be fine,” says Nwodim.

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In the final promo, both Nwodim and the Jonas Brothers confess their nervousness at performing with “SNL” veteran Shannon, who resurrected her Mary Catherine Gallagher character to offer a suggestion.

“Sometimes when I get nervous, I stick my fingers under my arms, and I smell them,” she says.

“Oh, wow,” Nwodim remarks after giving it a try. “That worked. I’m not nervous anymore.”

Molly Shannon and the Jonas Brothers will be seen on this week’s edition of “Saturday Night Live”, airing Saturday, April 8 at 8:30 p.m. PT/11:30 p.m. ET on Global.