Comedian Kathy Griffin’s Easter Sunday celebration didn’t involve coloured eggs and chocolate bunnies, instead opting for medical equipment in a hospital.

Griffin shared a post of herself on social media, wrapped in a blanket while wearing a black face mask as she sat in a hospital hallway,

“Happy Easter???” she wrote in the caption. “Getting an MRI.”

While Griffin didn’t elaborate, she underwent surgery in 2021 to remove part of her lung after being diagnosed with lung cancer.

Griffin, who was never a smoker, subsequently revealed that her doctors had determined the surgery had been a success and she was cancer free.

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Following her Easter MRI, Griffin returned to social media to share a video. This tie, she’s attired in a chic green gown and  half-length jacket, strutting in happily while James Brown’s “I Got You (I Feel Good)” plays in the background.

“When your MRI comes back CLEAN!” she declared in the caption.