It’s been a long year for Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

The former couple’s defamation trial began one year ago, on April 11, 2022, but with all that behind them, sources tell People that both actors are looking toward the future.

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Since being awarded $10.35 million in damages at the end of the trial, Depp has been “focused on work,” an insider close to the actor said.

After spending time on tour with Jeff Beck, who died in January, Depp is set to star in the upcoming French film “Jeanne Du Barry”, playing King Louis XV, which will open the Cannes Film Festival this year.

“As soon as his tour ended, he jumped into filming Jeanne Du Barry. Filming was challenging, but Johnny is excited about the comeback,” the insider said. “He thinks it’s perfect that this historical drama will open at Cannes.”

The source added, “Johnny has been living in Europe since the trial. He has been dating, but doesn’t have a girlfriend.”

Following the verdict in the trial, Heard and Depp negotiated a settlement, with the actress only having to pay her ex-husband $1 million, which would be donated to charity.

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A source close to the actress said that after the trial, she “couldn’t wait to leave the U.S. with her daughter.”

Heard is mother to 2-year-old Oonagh Paige.

“She has been living in Spain, where she gets more privacy. The trial was beyond stressful for her and she just wanted to start fresh out of the country,” the source continued. “She is excited about working and filming again. She was exhausted and disappointed about the trial. She felt she was mistreated.”

The source added, “This is all behind her now, though. She has new energy and is focused on things that she loves.”

In their trial, Depp had sued Heard, alleging that she had defamed him in a 2018 op-ed in the The Washington Post in which she described herself as a survivor of domestic violence. Heard also countersued Depp, and was awarded $2 million in damages.