Gillian Anderson has disputed accusations that because she declined to participate, the producers of the upcoming series of “The Crown” were “forced to rewrite the script.”

It was reported that the actress, who played Margaret Thatcher, the prime minister, would be returning for the upcoming season of the Netflix drama, but she abruptly opted to leave, which was a “blow” to production.

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However, Anderson denied the allegations in an update on Twitter, labelling the stories as “absolute b*****ks.”

Anderson had an appearance in “The Crown’s” fourth season, which followed the life of the Royal Family from the 1980s through the early 1990s.

Anderson’s portrayal in the series garnered international recognition. Over the Easter long weekend, word spread that Anderson had turned down the chance to return to “The Crown” for a flashback because of schedule issues. Anderson, however, appears to have taken issue with the claim that she “refused” to do it as opposed to being unable to.

The fourth season of Netflix’s “Sex Education” will include her as Dr. Jean Milburn, the sex therapist mother of popular adolescent Oris.