Rick Campanelli On Interviewing Lady Gaga For The First Time

Lady Gaga may appear to be one of those “larger than life’ celebrities but the truth is, she is so down-to-earth and so real that I could have talked to her for hours about her passion for music, creativity and old school influences like Lucile Ball and Elizabeth Taylor!

I truly do get pretty excited when I interview an artist for the first time – which was the case with Stefani Germanotta yesterday at the Hazelton Hotel in Toronto – but at the same time I get a little wary because I begin to think to myself, “well, what if this person isn’t what I envision at all’…

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Gaga walked into the room and greeted me with a smile and a “hello.”; She is a vision of uber-fashion who is constantly looking different every time you see her. What I thought was very cool about her (aside from her being so genuine) was the fact she changed wardrobe for every media outlet interview she did – she decided on going with the one arm in the over-sized blazer and one arm out, over the very simple black bra look.

With Gaga it most definitely is very visual and eye-catching, but beneath that surface there’s a deep dedication and commitment to her craft.

I asked her about what she’d be doing if she found no success at all in music and she replied – “I’d still be making music”;…which just goes to show you she is seriously in this for the long haul.

She really LOVES what she does and we LOVE her for doing it!

~ By Rick Campanelli


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