Nick Carter is facing new legal troubles.

The Backstreet Boys member is being sued by Dream singer Melissa Schuman over allegations of sexual assault and battery.

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According to TMZ, Schuman filed the suit, in which she claims Carter sexually assaulted her in Santa Monica in 2002. She was 18 at the time, while he was 22.

The filing alleges that Carter forcibly performed oral sex on her, and forced her to do the same, and then took her virginity despite her protesting that she wanted to wait for marriage.

Schuman’s allegations are not new. She first came forward with her claims in 2017, and at the time had sought for the pop star to be criminally charged.

Despite filing a police report, the D.A.’s office declined to prosecute Carter for the alleged crimes.

The lawsuit comes after a new bill in California amended the state’s statute of limitations for civil actions.

Carter has denied Schuman’s allegations in the past, and in a new statement to TMZ from his attorney.

The new suit comes amid another legal case against Carter that has been proceeding through the court system

Late last month, at a hearing, a judge ruled that Carter can continue with his counterclaim against Shannon Ruth, who has also accused him of sexual battery more than 20 years ago.