James Corden is giving fans a glimpse into what life is like as a Kardashian-Jenner assistant.

The host filmed a “Take A Break” skit for “The Late Late Show”, with him starting off by joining Kris Jenner in the gym before she asks him to make her a shake.

After questioning what she meant, Corden jokes, “Oh so not like a physical shake? Like get it together!” as Kris jokes, “No. Love your energy James, thank you!”

As Corden spots Kris’ green vegetable-filled fridge, he grabs some for the smoothie, before adding a lot of white wine, chocolate raisins, apple cider vinegar and Rice Krispies.

He also pokes fun at that viral Kendall Jenner cucumber-cutting moment by saying: “Unlike some members of this family, I know how to chop a cucumber.”

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Kris isn’t impressed by Corden’s smoothie attempt, spitting it out and telling him: “That is f**king vile, what planet are you on James?”

Corden then joins Kim Kardashian for an outing in her Rolls Royce to pick up gum and gummy bears from the gas station.

She also speaks about once being Paris Hilton’s “closet organizer,” recalling: “Her closest was wild.

“You would be going through things and she would have diamond necklaces shoved in a drawer and she wouldn’t even know. She always had a change of clothes in her purse.

“She would be totally comfortable with me saying this, but she would always have a bikini or a change of clothes, because you’d never know where we’d end up…” as Corden questions, “In case she s**t her pants?”

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Elsewhere in the clip, Corden has a very long salad shake before feeding Khloé Kardashian, as well as being screamed at by Kris for having a shower in Kylie Jenner’s bathroom in her Kylie Cosmetics offices.

“What the f**k are you doing?” Kris shouts. “Oh my God! I can’t unsee that. Out of the shower! James get a towel! What the f**k? Nobody is supposed to be in Kylie’s bathroom. I could get in a lot of trouble here, somebody could sue us.”

Corden then tells Kylie on a FaceTime call, “Can I be honest? This is just me and you talking, no one is filming this. Kris is a lot. She screamed at me because she found me naked in your shower in your office.”

See more in the clip above.