Ben Affleck loves Matt Damon, but he wouldn’t recommend living with him.

The longtime friends lived together when they were first starting out with their careers, with Affleck discussing how filthy he was in a chat with James Corden on Thursday’s “Late Late Show”.

Affleck recalled how he and his brother, Casey Affleck, who also lived with them at the time, once decided to go on “strike” because they were sick of picking up after their friend.

Affleck explained how they wanted to “wait and see how long” Damon would go before realizing, “‘God, I’m covered in garbage.’”

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However, their scheme didn’t go to plan, as Affleck remembered how Damon went “two weeks without touching the apartment.”

The Affleck brothers then walked in one day to find Damon in his shorts playing a Sega hockey game surrounded by “concentric circles of garbage,” including pizza boxes and leftover sushi, which he claimed had “maggots” on it.

Affleck admitted, “We were, like, ‘We submit. We submit. You are too good. We cannot beat you.'”

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The “Gone Girl” actor said Damon is able to just focus and “block things out,” adding that he’s a “beautiful” and “brilliant” guy, but would “not suggest living with him.”

“God bless his wife, Lucy [Barroso]. There is a place for you in heaven,” Affleck said.

See what Affleck had to say about directing “underappreciated” actor Damon on their new film “Air” in his chat with ET Canada below.