Simu Liu has got that country spirit.

In a new clip from Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show” spin-off “That’s My Jam”, the Canadian “Shang-Chi” star puts a country spin on a hip-hop classic.

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Spinning the wheel in the show’s Music Genre Challenge, Liu had to perform 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” in the style of a “bro-country” song.

Putting on his best Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean voice, Liu joked, “Let’s take it to Nashville real quick” before launching into the song.

Instead of its typical hip-hop sound, the band played the song in a slow country style, and Liu matched it, turning the song into a very credible country song.

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On YouTube, commenters praised the rendition.

“i didn’t really expect that it’s gonna be that good, i’d love to here (sp) the full version,” wrote one person.

Another added, “Simu really is multitalented! He can sing and act! What can’t he do! I’m just awestruck at how talented he is!”