Be careful when agreeing to drink with Rihanna.

While visiting “The Late, Late Show With James Corden”, Seth Meyers shared the most wasted he ever was while drinking alcohol with a celebrity on his day-drinking segment, “Seth Goes Drinking”, and who the special celebrity drinking partner was.

“What’s the most drunk you’ve gotten?” asked Corden.

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“Rihanna was the drunkest I’ve ever been, I think, and it was worth every second of it,” responded Meyers.

“Well, how drunk are we talking?” further inquired Corden.

“First of all, I should note that, I hate to break the news here, she’s younger than me,” said Meyers. “Yeah, I know it’s crazy.”

“We drank the same amount and then she definitely went out, like she was fine. She walked out and she looked as good as she did when we started,” continued the fellow “Late Night” TV personality.

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When detailing the aftermath of drinking with the Barbados-born superstar, Meyers said he fell into an immediate stupor.

“I went home, immediately fell asleep in the hallway of my apartment. I got in the door, fell asleep, my wife passive-aggressively, James, put a water next to my head and went to bed.”

Audiences at home were then graciously blessed with an image of the story itself, provided by Corden.

“I think we have a photo of this very moment,” said Corden as a photo of Meyers completely wiped out with his phone on his chest appeared on the screen behind them, much to the audience’s laughter.