Canada is paying tribute to Gordon Pinsent.

In celebration of National Canadian Film Day (April 19), a series of online and in-theatre events are being held in memory of the late icon of Canadian film, featuring Colm Feore, Mary Walsh and Peter O’Brian.

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Speaking with ET Canada, Feore talks about getting involved with the tribute to Pinsent, who died in February at age 92.

“Gordon Pinsent was a huge inspiration for all Canadian artists, writers, directors, actors, etc,” he said, “and a mentor to many as well.”

The actor continued, “So we thought it only fitting to celebrate his legacy by running a series of his films all in a row and then having a discussion, and just a celebration afterwards. So we’re going to do that.”

Feore will be sitting down for a conversation onstage with Walsh at the Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto on Wednesday after a screening of Pinsent’s 1986 film “John and the Missus”, which he wrote, directed and starred in.

Asked what made Pinsent such an iconic actor, Feore said, “Well, first of all, you know, he was one of the first Canadians to do basically everything. Writer, director, actor and specifically interested in matters of place. You know, where do you come from? Those are the stories you should probably tell.”

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“He inspired an enormous number of people. I just, in fact, heard from a filmmaker this morning, Laura Vandervoort, for whom I did a film, saying, ‘I’m so glad you’re doing something about Gordon. He was my mentor for 24 years. He taught me about writing, directing, acting,'” Feore continued.

“To tell people that it’s not only okay to think that you could do all those things, but that you should and you must do all those things if we’re to tell Canadian stories effectively and with the impact they deserve,” he said. “That’s essentially why we’re celebrating somebody who touched — there’s hardly an actor, director, writer in the country that he hasn’t touched.”

The Scotiabank Theatre is holding screenings all day of Pinsent’s films, including “The Rowdyman” and Sarah Polley’s “Away From Her”.