Hailey Bieber is dropping not one, but two skincare routines: a step-by-step of both her A.M. and P.M. regimens.

The Rhode founder and director appears on the latest episode of  Dear Media’s “Breaking Beauty” podcast alongside Rhode CEO Melanie Bender as the skincare brand touches down in Canada.

Revealing the secrets to her self-care, Bieber admitted that she doesn’t always use a cleanser in the morning.

“I sometimes just do a little water rinse because I’ve found that sometimes cleansing every single morning is a little dehydrating for my skin,” she explained, noting that she “will cleanse if I’ve done anything that’s exfoliating the night before, just in case there’s any excess left over that I don’t want sitting on my skin for the rest of the day.”

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After the cleanser, Bieber does “a rinse,” then “loves to use hydrating toner or essence just to kind of get the skin really ready to absorb the rest of the products” and, of course, she “can’t go without [her Rhode] peptide glazing fluid.”

The beauty influencer’s A.M. routine sometimes even depends on the weather.

“I think the weather has a lot to do with what you’re going to do with your routine,” she said. For example, if Bieber is feeling a little bit more dry, she’ll also “put [Rhode Barrier Restore Cream] over and then sunscreen on top.”

“I never leave the house without sunscreen,” she emphasized. One SPF product that she currently loves is Krave’s “Beet The Sun” sunscreen.

“That sunscreen has been so, so nice and it gives you such a good dewy finish that is super beautiful,” Bieber shared.

Moving on to her evening routine, the 26-year-old does “a double cleanse: oil cleanser [and] regular cleanser.”

“I’m currently testing out a lot of cleansers now,” she teased, revealing that Rhode is in the “process of trying to develop our cleansers.” Bieber has also been teasing what Rhode is glazing next on her Instagram.

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When it comes to cleansers, she suggests opting for “something that feels like it’s giving you a good clean, but it’s really gentle and not dehydrating on the skin.”

After Bieber’s nighttime cleanse, like her A.M. routine, she applies hydrating essence, the [peptide] glaze [fluid] and barrier restore cream.”

“Then usually at night I like to seal everything in with a thicker, more kind of like a seal over the skin that locks everything in,” she added, noting that she really loves Biba’s cream barrier. The trendsetter explained that Biba is “an amazing esthetician who lives in L.A.” She further notes that everything from her product line, which Billie Eilish also uses, is “really great.”

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As for beauty tools, the skincare founder shared that she sometimes likes to do a little facial massage using a few tools while applying the juicy products to her face.

“I love a Gua sha. I like those, you know, Shani Darden has that one that vibrates,” Bieber said, referring to the brand’s Facial Sculpting Wand that pulsates. 

“I’m into all of the things,” she continued. “I love the tools, it’s just not something that I’m religiously doing every single night. My philosophy is very much like less is more sometimes, and it doesn’t need to be some crazy elaborate routine to have a great one. So yeah, try to keep it simple.”

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