Twitter has entered a whole new era.

After months of threats, on Thursday, the Elon Musk finally made good on his promise to remove the blue verification checkmarks from users who don’t pay for Twitter Blue.

Since taking over the company last year, the owner and CEO has allowed users to get a coveted blue checkmark by simply paying for the $8-per-month subscription service.

The blue checkmark began its life on Twitter as a method of verifying the identity of notable figures like celebrities and politicians, protecting them from impersonation. It eventually expanded to include journalists and others.

Last month, Twitter announced that starting April 1, blue checkmarks would be removed from accounts not subscribed to Twitter Blue. The date was then pushed back to April 20.

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Ahead of the change, a number of celebrities reacted to the fact that they would be losing their blue checks, including Kerry Washington, Mark Hamill and others.

Halle Berry had a joking attitude toward losing her checkmark.

On Thursday, with the checkmark gone, Berry shared a tweet featuring animated character Dexter from “Dexter’s Laboratory” crying over her old blue check.

Ben Stiller seemed at ease with losing his blue check.

As did Lynda Carter.

Ciara didn’t seem too bothered by losing her verification badge.

Jack Quaid tweeted explaining that his “@JackQuad92” Twitter handle had come about because someone had already been impersonating him way back in 2011.

Lauren Juaregui shared her own method of verification.

“The Gilded Age” star Carrie Coon took the opportunity to joke about impersonating fellow actor and lookalike Anna Torv.

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Things got a little strange when people noticed author Stephen King had a blue checkmark, despite previously getting into a debate on Twitter with Musk over having to pay for the verification badge.

King took to Twitter to inform followers that despite the blue check on his account, he had not actually subscribed to Twitter Blue.

Rapper Ice T also indicated that he had a badge despite not paying for it.

Others noticed that LeBron James also still had a blue checkmark on his account despite having tweeted last month that he would not be paying for a subscription.

Responding to reporting about the mysterious blue checks on King and James’ accounts, Musk revealed that he was paying for some subscriptions personally.

You’re welcome namaste,” Musk also wrote in response to King’s tweet.

It was an eventful day for Musk all around, as the big test launch of his SpaceX Starship rocket blew up, quite literally, when the vessel exploded minutes after takeoff.