Kevin Costner’s departure from “Yellowstone” may be a bit complicated.

The Daily Mail reports the star’s sudden departure from the franchise may have been caused due to a dispute with series creator Taylor Sheridan.

“Certain people in charge of the production developed a God complex,” according to a source.

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Costner was said to have brought up concerns about the direction the show was taking, but they were dismissed by Sheridan and told the executive producer to “stick to acting”.

“Kevin will forever be proud of and grateful for ‘Yellowstone’ and the cast is like family to him,” they continued. “He just felt like Yellowstone is headed in a direction that was not in line with their initial vision and he was met with criticism, including that he should just stick to acting.”

Initially the announcement about the show’s sudden end was met with speculation Costner wanted a reduced shooting schedule, but his attorney, Marty Singer, denied the claims.

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“As everyone who knows anything about Kevin is well aware, he is incredibly passionate about the show and has always gone way above and beyond to ensure its success,” he said at the time.

“Yellowstone” is set to end with the second half of its fifth season despite its massive success.