Julian Lennon is using his critically acclaimed platform to speak out against alleged “abuse” within the music industry.

In a recent interview with People, the “Too Late for Goodbyes” singer-songwriter shared his negative experiences within the music industry, explaining that his stories would make for an exciting read in the future.

Lennon, 60, began by revealing that he’s recently been “reviewing” his life in hopes of potentially writing about it “at some stage”, but what stuck out the most to him during his analytical process was the enormously negative interactions he’s experienced with record labels and management in his lifetime.

“I was going back over things that have happened to me in the past and I was actually shocked at how the industry and the people in the industry treat artists,” he begins. “I mean, it’s disturbing, it truly is. The abuse is unbelievable.”

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Despite earning chart-topper status in the 1980s, he went on to take a quiet break in the ’90s and ’00s, focusing on other endeavours like photography and writing.

In September, Lennon revealed to People the extent of his bad taste experiences with record labels.

“I felt I’d been screwed over by labels and managers way, way too much in my life already, more than my fair share, more than my quota,” he said.

He has since partnered with the non-profit label Future Youth Records for an Earth Day release that will benefit the White Feather Foundation and its Save the Sea Country campaign for the Aboriginal Mirning people.