Kim Kardashian got some concert redemption! On Saturday, the “Kardashians” star attended Usher‘s My Way Las Vegas residency. In the clips, shared on her Instagram Story, the 42-year-old reality TV star was joined by her hairstylist, Chris Appleton and his fiancé, Lucas Gage.

In the clips, Kim, Chris and Lucas sing along some of the singer’s biggest hits including, “My Boo” and “Burn”.

“Omg this @Usher concert is [fire emoji],” she wrote over a clip of the performance.

Kim also recorded the portion of the show where the “GLU” singer was joined onstage by Teyana Taylor for a performance of “Bad Girl”.

Kim Kardashian / Instagram
Kim Kardashian / Instagram

Kim had a special moment as Usher danced over to her section and began to sing “Superstar”, before going into the first verse, the singer gave he SKIMS founder a special shout-out.

“What up Kim, you made it,” he said has Kardashian waved he hands in the air.

Kim’s trip to the Usher concert comes six months after she missed his concert — due to inclement weather.

“Finally made it to see @Usher but my girls are mad they aren’t here sooo I just have to come back with them ASAP.”

Kim Kardashian / Instagram
Kim Kardashian / Instagram

In October, Kim’s sister, Khloe Kardashian, tried to pull off the ultimate birthday surprise with a trip to the Usher concert. Unfortunately for the birthday girl and her crew, they didn’t make it to the show due to windy conditions. Instead, the group made a delicious detour at In-N-Out Burger.

Usher took to his Instagram to promise Kim another show.

“Happy birthday Kim! I saw the post, I hate that you didn’t make it to the show last night. But listen, open arms to you, whenever you want to come,” Usher shared in the video. “I know you’re still celebrating your birthday. And you can celebrate it at the next show if you come then, or whenever! We got three more shows.”

Usher also extended the curtesy to two friends who missed 2 hours of the concert, after their road trip from Oakland to Las Vegas ran into some hiccups, and they missed the last-minute flight they booked to try to make it on time.

After seeing about the friends troubles, Usher reached out and offered to help them make up for their experience.

“@lovelysheyy pick any weekend, on me. Y’all deserve to see the whole thing, someone from my team will reach out,” Usher wrote in The Shade Room‘s comment section.

Kim’s Usher concert came after she had another special concert experience in Vegas. Last weekend, Kim joined her and Kanye West’s daughter, North, at the Katy Perry concert. During the show, North took the stage to show off her dance moves.


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