Adele is taking James Corden for one last whirl in his whip for “The Late, Late Show” carpool karaoke finale.

With the “Someone Like You” singer’s 2016 carpool karaoke video accumulating a whopping 260 million views, it was no surprise that Corden allowed the multi-platinum-selling songstress to close out the finale of his “Late Show” series.

Adele surprises Corden, who is his longtime friend, in the finale of the media personality’s talk show segment by waking him up at his house with an entire crew of TV producers. Adele takes on the role of Corden, as she plays the interviewer in the driver’s seat while he plays the interviewee in the passenger seat.

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Their carpool conversation consists of the two discussing many memorable moments shared between them, including an emotional song Adele wrote inspired by a personal talk they once shared.

Of course, the segment is jam-packed with singing; it wouldn’t be carpool karaoke without featuring some behind-the-wheel vocals.

“The Last Last Late Late Show with James Corden Carpool Karaoke Special” will air Thursday, April 27, on CBS at 10 pm.