In the early days of “Full House”, John Stamos got Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen fired, temporarily of course.

The Olsen twins, now 36, both starred as the adorable Michelle Tanner on the beloved sitcom, beginning at 11-months-old when the show began filming. They took turns playing Jesse Katsopolis’ (Stamos) niece up until the age of seven when the finale aired back in May 1995 after an eight-season run.

While appearing on the latest episode of Dear Media’s “Good Guys” podcast, Stamos explained that he unintentionally got the then-toddlers fired.

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“We’re doing the scene. Joey [Dave Coulier] and I were changing the baby, right? and Danny’s [Bob Saget] gone and said, ‘Take care of the kids.’ ‘Yeah, we got it. We got it,'” he recalled the iconic scene from the first episode when he and Coulier had to change Michelle’s diaper. “So we’re carrying the baby downstairs and we take her in the kitchen and we hose her down. And she was screaming. Both of them. They wanted to be anywhere else but there, and so did I.”

“They were 11 months old and God bless them,” he continued. “They kept switching: ‘This one’s not gonna cry.'”

Stamos admitted that he “couldn’t deal” with the constant switching between Mary-Kate and Ashley. He recalled telling production, “This is not gonna work.”

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“And so they got rid of them,” he told hosts Josh Peck and Ben Soffer. “They bring on these two red-headed kids… It was only a few days [of the Olsens being fired] and I said, ‘Bring the Olsens back! These kids are terrible.”

And, the rest is history.

For more behind-the-scenes of Stamos’ time on “Full House”, and memories of his time with the late Bob Saget, listen to the full episode of “Good Guys” here.