Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are busy people.

Last week, on the couple officially became co-hosts of the renamed “Live with Kelly and Mark”, but in about half the episodes aired so far, things haven’t really been live.

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As noted by Entertainment Weekly, though the couple’s first three shows together aired live, their Thursday and Friday shows both opened with a “previously recorded” title card.

Friday episodes of “Live” have typically been pre-recorded, but a source told EW that recording of live episodes fluctuates depending on hosts’ schedules.

Ripa has been particularly busy of late, filming new episodes of her game show “Generation Gap”, which premiered in July 2022.

“Generation Gap” was renewed for a second season last month, with the season premiere set for June 29.

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Despite being so busy, Ripa has spoken about the ways her “Live” job has allowed her more time to be with family and focus on other interests.

“I know the schedule at ‘Live’ — it’s a really great one. It’s conducive to a life after the show, as far as the afternoons. We prioritize family time — not that we have too many kids running around anymore, but every now and then we have one coming through or staying with us, so we get to do that,” she told EW earlier this month.