Tucker Carlson is gone and late-night hosts are excited.

On Monday, Fox News announced to great shock that they were parting ways with the cable anchor, who had been hosting the top-rated program in primetime news.

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Of course, the sudden firing provided plenty of material for comedians, including Jimmy Kimmel, who joked about Carlson in his opening monologue on Monday night.

Calling it “an absolutely delightful shock,” Kimmel explained, “Fox News has severed bow ties with Tucker Carlson after all these years. They are ‘parting ways’ which means he was fired.”

He then joked about the firing, as well as the firing of CNN anchor Don Lemon on the same day.

“For those of you that don’t follow cable, this is like if Ronald McDonald and the Burger King got fired on the same day. Supposedly neither network knew the other was doing this,” Kimmel said.

Meanwhile, on “Late Night”, Seth Meyers devoted his “A Closer Look” segment to the news of Carlson’s firing.

“I don’t think anything could shock me anymore and then this happened,” he said. “Does this mean Fox News has gone woke?”

He also noted the oddness of what has turned out to be Carlson’s final segment on Fox News, from his show on Friday.

“Truly amazing though, his last segment on TV was not a rousing monologue or a grand farewell, but a reminder to watch a special report, I guess about eating bugs — which apparently is a problem now?” Meyers said.

“This is all such a fitting end for Tucker because he was always terrified that he would lose his show after getting canned by two other cable networks CNN and MSNBC,” the late-night host added. “And he was specifically afraid that Donald Trump would be the one to destroy him. Which is why Tucker spent so much time spoon-feeding Trump’s bulls**t to his viewers despite knowing it was all bulls**t.”

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Jimmy Fallon didn’t dwell too much on Carlson’s firing, though he did introduce his monologue on Monday’s “The Tonight Show” by saying, “Hi, I’m Jimmy Fallon, one of the few TV personalities who’s still employed.”

Fallon joked, “Some people aren’t sure what led to his exit, but Fox said, they can think of almost a billion reasons why,” referring to the company’s nearly-$1 billion settlement with Dominion Voting Systems in their defamation suit over.

Pointing out that it is“easy to make jokes about Tucker being gone,” Fallon asked, “Who’s gonna tell me which M&M is most woke?”