Tom Pelphrey is living in baby girl bliss! In March, the actor and his partner, Kaley Cuoco, welcomed their first child, a daughter named Matilda.

“The first month has been heaven,” Pelphrey tells ET’s Deidre Behar while promoting his new HBO Max show, “Love & Death”.

Although he’s only been a father for a matter of weeks, Pelphrey says that he has already learned a few important lessons.

“It’s sort of like you keep them safe, you keep them healthy, you don’t let them hurt themselves and you offer guidance and structure,” he says. “I feel like the the child is also apart of this equation and they’re not going to be dictated to or shouldn’t be.”

The new dad also admits that he is open to learning from his little girl.

“A little bit is is learning to be OK, being the student even though you’re in charge,” he says. “We want to have a structure but it’s hers, so what is her structure going to be? And we’ll kind of work around it.”

Little Matilda is already teaching mom and dad a lesson and excelling in one very important area.

“Sleep is a precious commodity,” he says. “We get a good amount of sleep at night. She’s a good night sleeper already, which we’re very lucky.”

Outside of his role as dad, Pelphrey is playing a slick-talking lawyer, Don Crowder, in the upcoming HBO Max series, “Love & Death”, which takes on the true-crime story of Candy Montgomery, a Texas woman who was accused of killing her former friend and neighbour with an axe.

Photograph by Jake Giles Netter/HBO Max
Photograph by Jake Giles Netter/HBO Max

For his role, Pelphrey delivers some serious dialogue inside the courtroom. A task he credits to the writers.

“The real secret is good writing,” he tells ET. “It makes it a lot easier. It makes it a lot easier to memorize. It makes it a lot easier that the next thing coming out of your mouth is the next thing that makes sense to come out of your mouth based on the characters.”

Joining Pelphrey in the series is Elizabeth Olsen as Candy, Jesse Plemons as Allan, Lily Rabe as Betty, Patrick Fugit as Pat, Krysten Ritter as Sherry Cleckler, Keir Gilchrist as Ron Adams and Elizabeth Marvel as Jackie Ponder.

Beth Broderick, Brian d’Arcy James, Bruce McGill and Mackenzie Astin are also part of the star-studded cast.

The first three episodes of “Love & Death” will premiere April 27 on HBO Max, with new episodes debuting weekly on Thursdays until May 25.


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