You can tell a lot about actors by the way they treat their fans, and that was the case when Keanu Reeves encountered a 9-year-old fan named Noah during a surprise signing for BZRKR, the comic book series Reeves co-created.

In a video posted to Twitter, Reeves — wearing his signature John Wick black — is seated behind a table when he’s approached by the youngster, who blurts out, “I’m such a big fan!”

Reeves asks his name, and then introduces himself: “Hi Noah, I’m Keanu.”

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“You’re probably my favourite actor in the whole world!” Noah tells him.

“Oh my gosh, Noah, thank you,” declares Reeves, with Noah telling him, “You’re the best.”

“Did you see Duke Caboom in ‘Toy Story 4’?” Reeves asks, referencing his character in the Pixar sequel.

“Yeah, he’s my favourite character!” Noah gushes, prompting Reeves to recite Duke’s catchphrase: “Canada’s greatest stuntman!”

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Added Reeves gently as he signed a comic for the youth, “Well, I’m glad you liked it. I really liked playing Duke Caboom.”