After more than eight years, “The Late Late Show With James Corden” has come to an end. The affable host made his final appearance on Thursday, and was joined by some famous friends and surprise guests.

Before the actual finale, Corden hosted a primetime special that featured pre-taped segments — including his final “Carpool Karaoke” with Adele, which was released online ahead of the finale episode.

The primetime special also featured some fun moments with his longtime friend and stunt-buddy Tom Cruise doing something to truly get their adrenaline pumped up — live musical theatre. The pair, donning animal costumes, performed on stage in Hollywood in scenes from The Lion King, and it was truly something unique.

When it came time for the last proper episode of “The Late Late Show”, Corden started things off with a fun skit about getting locked in the stairwell — which, as Harry Styles points out through the window of one of the locked doors, is terrible timing, as it’s his last show and all.

However, Corden had a hard time not getting overwhelmed with emotion when it came time for his final monologue, as he spoke with his mom and dad in the audience, and was met with a wave of cheers and chanting from the audience.

The host got a very special video message from President Joe Biden, who lovingly poked fun at Corden while also praising his impressive and influential tenure during his time on the show.

“After the day you worked at the White House, I’m surprised you lasted 8 years in any job,” Biden quipped — referring to Corden’s White House visit last year — before expressing some heartfelt congrats for Corden’s accomplishments.

As for the night’s main celebs, Harry Styles and Will Ferrell were tasked with serving as the “Late Late Show”s last-ever guests — and Ferrell made sure to leave his mark, literally. He came out with a huge mallet and smashed Corden’s desk to pieces in a rebellious explosion of performance art.

The highlight of the night was one last instalment of Corden’s recurring game “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts” — where Corden, Styles and Ferrell had to either answer tough personal questions or get out of it by eating gross foods.

This is where one of the more noteworthy moments came, as Corden asked Styles if there might ever be a One Direction reunion. Surprisingly, Styles didn’t shoot the idea down.

“I fear it’s not a yes or no question. I would never say never to that,” Styles shared. “I think that if there was a time where that was something we all wanted to do, I don’t see why we wouldn’t.”

The interview with Styles and Ferrell got notably more heartfelt when the pop icon spoke candidly about how proud he’s been to see Corden shine during his time on the show.