Selma Blair is reflecting on her younger years and the amount of change and growth her life has endured.

In People‘s 2023 ‘Beautiful Issue’, the 50-year-old actress penned an emotionally vulnerable and inspirational open letter to her younger self.

Blair began the letter by addressing her childhood fears in the face of incoming adulthood and the necessity of not focusing on the future so much.

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“I know you are scared of growing up. You think you won’t know how to do anything successful adults do, but it will be okay. Don’t worry your mind about the future so much.”

“I remember you at this age so well and how this picture right here was taken while REO Speedwagon was playing, and you felt something.”

The actress further emphasized the importance of retaining hope amid personal crises and the lack of predictability in life. In 2018, Blair was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), a chronic disease of the nervous system.

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“That thing you couldn’t put your finger on. It’s hope. Trade your fear for hope. Keep reading. Write every day. Please trust yourself. Tell the truth. Observe. Good things will happen. And horrible things. And it will all be part of finding your footing and carrying on. You are worth loving.



Blair ended the touching letter with a heartfelt note: “P.S. You bought yourself the horse you always will hope for. His name is Mr. Nibbles. You will be able to do plenty. Please don’t worry. And breathe in deeply. And exhale. Keep passing the open windows.”