Chloe Fineman is being roasted online for her “cringe” interview with Stella McCartney, Aubrey Plaza and Madelyn Cline during Monday night’s Met Gala red carpet.

While many naysayers were already scolding Fineman for being a “horrible” interviewer, things got worse when she misnamed Plaza, calling her “Audrey” instead of “Aubrey.” Moments later, McCartney, who attended the stylish event with Plaza and Cline, slammed the “Saturday Night Live” star for not taking the interview “seriously.”

“I’ll be more serious,” Fineman replied with a laugh before carrying on with the awkward interview. While some defended the comedian on Twitter, noting that the “Audrey” name change was a bit, others were unamused, including McCartney, who’s facial expressions appeared to be quite telling.

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Fineman, 34, was selected to host Vogue‘s red carpet livestream with fashion journalist Derek Blasberg and broadcaster La La Kent. The trio chatted with stars as they arrived at the annual fundraising gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

On social media, many questioned why Fineman was “even there” calling her out for “mocking the celebs” and being “unprepared” for the hosting gig.

Meanwhile, Fineman’s fans defended her, pointing out that her trolling Plaza was “a joke,” urging others to “learn some common sense” and telling haters to “cut her a break.”

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One supporter even pointed out how Plaza joked back with Fineman.

Despite some thinking Fineman did a “great job”, others still thought she “was bad,” even if her addressing Plaza was a bit. Some went as far as to beg Vogue not to bring her back next year.

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As Fineman continues to get roasted online, the comedian has remained silent on the backlash.