Getting dressed up for the Met Gala can be stressful.

On Monday night, Cardi B made a splash at the annual charity fundraiser, turning heads in a black-and-white outfit paying tribute to the night’s honouree, late designer Karl Lagerfeld.

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In a video for Vogue, the rapper takes fans behind-the-scenes as she gets herself outfitted for the gala, sharing her inspiration for the dress.

Cardi B – Photo: Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images
Cardi B – Photo: Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

“It’s like a little mix,” she explained of the look, explaining that the white collared top was designed to resemble Lagerfeld’s infamous suits, while the black skirt featuring embroidered camellia flowers paid tribute to his work with Chanel. resembling Lagerfeld’s infamous suits, the skirt, camellia

“It’s representing the House of Chanel and Karl,” Cardi said, adding that her grey hair was also a tribute to Lagerfeld’s iconic style.

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But while Cardi is always one to pop on the red carpet, she admitted that it can be hard getting herself ready for the Met Gala.

“Every single time I go to the Met, it’s fun of course, but after my first time going to the Met, I always get anxiety,” she said. “The anxieties just grow and grow and grow. Maybe because my looks are so spectacular that people just expect every year to be more amazing than the last.”

Cardi added, “And it’s so hard, because imagine competing with myself.

Asked what she would say to Lagerfeld if he was still here, the artist joked, “I would have told him I need a discount at the Chanel store,” before adding that he was “amazing” and “iconic.”

“You’re so iconic that they’re making a Met Gala representing you, honouring you. I feel like he’s smiling, and kinda like… annoyed,” she laughed. “‘Oh my god, I love it, it’s me.’ But then it’s like, ‘Oh, these looks, they better not disappoint.'”