Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers are alleviating stress off their staffers’ shoulders.

The hosts of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and “Late Night with Seth Meyers” respectively, have negotiated plans with NBC, the network for both shows, to continue to pay crew members despite the late-night shows going dark amid the writers’ strike.

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According to DeadlineNBC will pay staff through the end of next week (May 12). From there, Fallon and Meyers will pay their crews’ third week off. In addition, staffers’ healthcare will be extended through September. The plan mimics that of the pandemic, in which TV crews were paid by their hosts during their time off.

Fallon and Meyers, whom are both members of the Writers Guild of America (WGA), have pledged to support the strike.

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On Monday night’s episode of “Late Night”- the last new show before the strike began- Meyers said: “I love writing. I love writing for TV. I love writing this show. I love that we get to come in with an idea for what we want to do every day and we get to work on it all afternoon and then I have the pleasure of coming out here. No one is entitled to a job in show business. But for those people who have a job, they are entitled to fair compensation. They are entitled to make a living.

“I think it’s a very reasonable demand that’s being set out by the guild. And I support those demands.”