Sasha Velour is known to fans of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” as the winner of the ninth season, along with appearances in such TV series as “Broad City” and “Bold Type” — not to mention launching her own production company, House of Velour, among other numerous achievements.

The drag sensation recently sat down with ET Canada’s Dallas Dixon for an extensive interview about her new book, The Big Reveal: An Illustrated Manifesto of Drag, in which Velour blends a historical look at drag with her own personal journey as a queen.

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In the book, she writes of experiencing anxiety attacks as her fame grew, stemming from a sense of imposter syndrome she began to feel.

“I think part of it is knowing that’s part of the process, like expecting to feel a little anxious before I step on the stage and telling myself like, it’s okay, this is a big opportunity. You do care. Of course you feel these emotions, but also at the same time, a certain certain level of really terrible things that you go through or really stressful things are doing a show and you are unprepared, but you still find a way to make it work,” she explained.

“That teaches me slowly but surely that I can deal with anything,” she added. “I talk about my grandma having, like, her dramatic life, her having to move many times, be an immigrant. Like, it made her more theatrical. So I think the anxiety makes me more and more theatrical every year, and that makes me better at my job. So even if I’m falling apart, I’m becoming a better drag queen.”

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In addition, Velour opened up about getting to know Dua Lipa.

“Oh, my God. How genuinely nice she was. She’s a very like you,” Velour told Dixon.

“She’s a great interviewer and, like, a journalist and a researcher,” she added. :”And I love that she’s using her platform and her career as a pop cultural icon to spread stories and share light with with her fans about lots of different topics. So I’m blown away by her.

Responding to Dixon’s suggestion that she and Dua Lipa team up for a music video, Velour quipped, “I would love that. I’ll do anything. Take my wig off. You know, I got it.”

Meanwhile, Velour recently took to TikTok to share her thoughts about the fashions on display at this week’s Met Gala, offering opinions on the outfits worn by Kim Kardashian, Bad Bunny, Anne Hathaway and more.


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