Keke Palmer can’t praise her boyfriend Darius Jackson enough.

On the newest episode of her “Baby, this is Keke Palmer” podcast, the star shared her thoughts on dating and why Jackson and her were a good fit.

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“It’s so true because my partner is in so many ways, everything. I mean, obviously not perfect. I’m not perfect. No one’s perfect,” explained Palmer. “But it’s like you are literally everything I visualized and I say that all the time to him and he’s like, ‘No way, Jose.’ And I’m like, ‘Yes way, Jose!’”

Part of what “perfect” meant for the “Nope” actress meant being unafraid to show a feminine side, and to not be “obsessed” with masculinity.

“I always wanted a man that was not so overly obsessed with being masculine, you know what I mean? Still had masculine energy, but also welcomed the softness that feminine energy can give,” she recalled. “Somebody that’s had a good relationship with their mother, someone that didn’t take themselves too seriously, somebody that was a little bit, you know, cheesy and corny in all the right ways, but still knew how to dress and gave me a vibe every now and then.”

It took a while for Palmer to find Jackson, admitting she had tried a variety of dating strategies including online dating, which she ended up quitting.

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“I hate the online dating atmosphere. I think it kills your relationship or, or at least it just makes it difficult, to some degree. I’ve tried the dating apps, like, but the only one I really ever tried was Raya,” she said. “It felt like I was at a f–king networking event when I actually did go out with the person that I was meeting on Raya.”

She ended up opting to message and get to know people on Instagram instead.

Palmer and Jackson have been happily dating since 2021 and recently welcomed their first child together in February.