The “Love Again” main cast didn’t actually all film together in person.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas stars as Mira, a woman grieving the death of her fiancé. She tries to cope with his death by texting his old phone number, unaware it’s been reassigned to Sam Heughan’s journalist Rob. He falls in love with her beautiful poems and messages.

The journalist is eventually assigned to cover Celine Dion, played by the singer herself, who tries to convince Rob to pursue this woman.

Despite being at the center of their romance, Dion never actually filmed with the stars.

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Speaking to ET Canada’s Sangita Patel, Heughan said, “There were a lot of issues and most of it was due to COVID, really. We couldn’t obviously fly people in and out. We were in a bubble in the U.K. It was the height of one of several lockdowns. So, it’s kind of crazy that even this movie came together, that we got to make it. We overcame many obstacles.”

He added, “And I know Celine has her own, you know, obstacles to overcome with her health, but we just wish her all the best. And she’s such an integral part of the movie. Her music is so uplifting. It really is a celebration of her. So we we sort of we say we just love we love you, Celine.”

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“Love Again” arrives in theatres May 5.