The future is open for Niall Horan.

This week, the “Slow Hands” singer sat down with ET Canada’s Morgan Hoffman in Toronto and shared whether he is surprised by the amount of demand for a One Direction reunion.

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“Not surprised, but I do get asked it, uh… every day,” he said, revealing his usual responses: “I don’t know anything about it. There hasn’t been a conversation. And I’m sure if there ever is one, you’ll know about it. That’s kind of the answer every time.”

Recent Harry Styles said “never say never” about the possibility of a reunion, to which Horan responded, “I agree with Harry. Same thing as he said.”

Of course, his intense fandom also means a lot of attention, which isn’t something the singer has ever gotten used to.

“If you get used to that, there’s something wrong with you,” he said, adding, “I’ve always been one of those people that just kind of take everything as it comes, but it’s crazy isn’t it, when you take a deep dive into it. It’s crazy. It’s nuts.”

He continued, “Like on a cold, wet afternoon in Toronto, they’re out there in the thousands probably at this point. I heard they were camping and stuff. That’s, um… Thank you. It’s brave. I wouldn’t recommend it next time maybe, but thanks. It’s pretty cool.”

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Of course, given his and his former band’s popularity, it’s only a matter of time before Hollywood gives One Direction the biopic treatment.

Asked who he’d like to play him in an eventual movie, Horan said, “That’d have to be a young actor. Currently, if someone was to play me, it would Allen Leach from Downton Abbey’.”

Hoffman noted that he and the actor, who played Tom Branson on the hit British drama, look quite similar.

“We actually do, it’s crazy. Like I’ve seen side-by-side. I’ve met him. I met him in a coffee shop in L.A. one time and we were just doing the whole, ‘We look each other,” Horan remarked.

“Yeah, that was actually crazy. I’m usually one of those people to say, ‘I don’t look like him.’ Yeah, we actually do look like each other,” he added. “And we’re both Irish, too. He won’t have to change his accent.”

Horan then joked, “Him or DiCaprio, one of them.”