Being siblings and bandmates, the Jonas Brothers definitely have disagreements when it comes to their music, but they have a way of figuring it out.

Jo Bros superfan, Ilana Dunn, interviewed the band for the latest episode of her podcast, “Seeing Other People”.

She questioned them about their new release, The Album, and asked whether there were any creative disagreements when working on it and how they managed to work through them.

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Nick replied, “We kind of have this rule, where, you know, we’re three individuals in a group… although we have our own opinions, we have to make group decisions sometimes.

“That’s where I think we can butt heads. So, our system that we kind of put in place is just majority rules. Then if we can’t decide within ourselves, if it’s not like two or more, then we open that up to our trusted inner circle people.”

Elsewhere in the chat, Dunn also mentioned that the band had experimented with many different genres over the years.

Joe said of where they’d place The Album, “We’ve definitely had our venture when it comes to genres, I think a lot of our favourite artists did the same thing.

“I think that’s part of the journey of finding who you are as an artist. We were also very young when we were making those albums. We were discovering who we are as people and figuring that out, [as well] as our music. I think it’s the best representation of who we are now,” adding that they’re all in the same place “personally” more than ever now, being fathers.

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The brothers also gave Dunn their best relationship advice, with Joe — who is married to Sophie Turner — saying: “Every two weeks, go on a date. Every two months, go away for a night. Every two years, go away for a week.”

Nick — who is married to Priyanka Chopra — added, “It’s going to sound a certain way, [but] remember it’s the two of you,” insisting despite having friends and family and the outside world, it’s important to “find time for each other.”

Kevin — who is married to Danielle Jonas — said for people to just remind themselves to “be as present as possible” with their partner.