Spoiler alert: The following article contains spoilers from “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story”.

“Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story”, now streaming on Netflix, tackles King George III’s mental health struggle, and actor Corey Mylchreest — who portrays the young royal in the drama — has now spoken out about filming such scenes.

The “Bridgerton” spinoff tells the origin story of a young Charlotte (India Amarteifio) and her arranged marriage to George.

In real life, the King was never specifically diagnosed with a mental illness, but it’s been reported that he suffered multiple bouts of quite severe mental illness during his time on the throne.

“The series in itself is like a different beast,” Mylchreest told Variety of the spinoff. “It feels like ‘Bridgerton’ but it has maybe darker moments to it, and it’s a little bit grittier. So it feels like its own thing.”

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He added of George’s mental illness, “As a show, we don’t diagnose him, but as an actor, I simply had to make a decision. Otherwise, the work is going to be nonspecific, and it can be offensive. I did a lot of research and I had an idea of what it was, learning about his childhood and how that can affect stuff.”

As well as working closely with director Tom Verica, Mylchreest also spoke with a specialist about what can trigger certain behaviour.

The actor continued, “It’s a gift as an actor, because it’s such a challenge but it doesn’t afford you anything other than permission to go 100 percent.

“If you don’t commit fully, then you’re going to almost offend the honour of the character — both that Shonda [Rhimes] has written, and the real guy that I fell in love with when I did my research.

“It’s a man who is dealing with the subsequent shame and self-hatred that comes as a result of that affliction.”

Elsewhere in the chat, Mylchreest spoke about filming sex scenes on the show.

“I don’t think it would be a very good show, but even if it was just the intimate scenes between George and Charlotte, you would have a story. You’d have an arc; you’d have a beginning, middle and end,” Mylchreest — who made sure to thank intimacy coordinators Lucy Fennell and Lizzie Talbot — shared.

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“‘Bridgerton’, in the past, has been has been criticized for having those intimate scenes gratuitously. Something that we’re really proud of is that it’s not the case here at all.”

He added that it was still “very nerve-racking” filming such scenes, telling the publication: “I also realize that I’m saying that as a man on a set with a male director, and I’m feeling nervous, so you know that that speaks to the environment — or the maybe the stigma around it at the moment. India was so brilliant, and I think we built such as such a sense of trust that it had its own arc for us in a way.

“The first one was a real nerve-racking experience, and by the end of it, it was like, ‘Let’s crack this one out!’ It was very easy.”