Shooting in Italy came with a nice view.

The cast of “Book Club: The Next Chapter” recently sat down with ET Canada, and star Jane Fonda shared what it was like shooting the new sequel in Italy.

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“It was it was a real adventure. It was fun. We care for each other. We’d made a movie together before, the first one, and it was very successful. So, you know, we kind of we had trust. We had love. We had the foundation,” the actress said. “And on top of that, that we could just drink and have fun and eat and enjoyed this very funny movie.”

When asked about her favourite wine in Italy, though, Fonda seemed more interested in talking about the local Italian men.

“You know, it was fun to look at them,” she laughed.

“All the men were gorgeous,” Fonda added. “I got sick at one point and I had to go to a clinic, and I swear every man there looked like Mastroianni, Vittorio Gasman.”

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Asked if there are plans for a third “Book Club” movie down the road, Fonda admitted, “We hadn’t thought about it.”

“Book Club: The Next Chapter” opens in theatres May 12.