Jay Baruchel wishes he could back to the old days of smartphones.

The Canadian actor recently sat down with ET Canada’s Brittnee Blair to talk about his new comedic drama “BlackBerry”, about the creation of the iconic phone and its downfall.

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In the interview, Baruchel admitted that he was actually a big BlackBerry user, and in fact he was still using one up until very recently.

“That’s my obsession. I used to until literally two years ago. Two years is when I stopped,” he said. “I still have the last one and I can’t throw it out. And yeah, I miss it. I really miss it.”

He added, “I like nothing better about the iPhone. My life has not improved one bit.”

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Asked by co-star Glenn Howerton why he preferred the BlackBerry over other smartphones, Baruchel listed off a slew of reasons.

“It was way easier to use for me. I hate touchscreens. I liked that it wasn’t covered in bulls**t that was distracting. It had no apps on it,” he said. “The only thing that’s better [about the iPhone] is I see the group chats of videos of like baby nieces and that stuff’s nice. But now I’m just some other f**king arsehole with every other phone like everybody else in the world.”

“BlackBerry” opens in theatres this Friday, May 12.