Matt Johnson is keeping it simple.

The “BlackBerry” director and star recently sat down with ET Canada’s Brittnee Blair, alongside co-stars Jay Baruchel and Glenn Howerton, and talked about his unique wardrobe in the film.

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As some red carpet watchers have noticed, Johnson appears to wear the same kinds of clothing in real life as he does in his films, often donning a simple graphic tee and athletic headband

Asked how much of his wardrobe in his films is drawn from his own closet, Johnson said, “A lot,” to big laughs from his co-stars.

“Every every single time I’ve gone to an event or I’ve gone to film festivals where I’ve screened the film, every time I get there, I’ve always been met with a kind of, ‘Wow. You dressed as your character in the movie!'” the director said. “And it’s in such an insulting tone, where it’s like, ‘Why would you do that?’ And I think, you know, you’ve got the genesis wrong!”

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He explained, “I decided I would come to set wearing the clothes I normally wear so I wouldn’t have to go through wardrobe because you spent a lot of time directing a movie. And I thought, I will save time by just wearing my clothes.

“Now it’s just a bit,” Baruchel joked.

“Yeah,” Johnson admitted, “but unintentionally.

Howerton then reached over to point at the director’s arm, saying, “He’s got his headband on his arm!”

“BlackBerry” opens in theatres this Friday, May 12.