Robert De Niro is a proud new dad.

On Thursday morning, Gayle King revealed on “CBS Mornings” that the 79-year-old actor had shared the first photo of his baby daughter, Gia Virginia Chen De Niro.

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ET Canada first broke the news of De Niro’s new baby in an interview with the actor, who corrected Brittnee Blair when she asked about his six children.

“Seven, actually,” he said. “I just had a baby.”

Photo: CBS Mornings/Screenshot
Photo: CBS Mornings/Screenshot

Before revealing the photo of little Gia on “CBS Mornings”, King shared her gripe that De Niro didn’t break the news to them first during their interview.

“So what didn’t come up during our interview is that De Niro, who’s 79, has a newborn,” King said. “We were with him on Saturday, that news was released on Monday, so I called him yesterday and I said, ‘Don’t you think, Mr. De Niro, you could have just mentioned that in passing?”

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She said he admitted that he’d thought about it, but he didn’t want to take the discussion aways from the movie he was promoting, “About My Father”.

De Niro ended up giving King the exclusive photo of Gia to make it up to her.

The actor also told King that the new baby was planned with partner Tiffany Chen, and that they are “over the moon” about the birth.