On Thursday, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, currently on press duty for her movie “Love Again,” appeared on “The Jennifer Hudson Show”, where she revealed that her husband Nick Jonas watched her being crowned Miss World on television when he was all of 7.

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Chopra retold the story her mother-in-law Denise Jonas told her. “My mother-in-law was like, ‘I remember watching you when you won,'” Chopra said. “I was in London. This is 2000. They were, I think, in Texas. I was like, ‘There’s no way.’ And she was like, ‘I remember it so clearly because it was November. Nick was on some Broadway show at 7 years old; his brother was on some Broadway show at 8 or 9.'”

“And she said, ‘I remember this clearly because Kevin Sr.’ — my father-in-law — ‘loves watching pageants. And he, I remember, was watching it, and Nick came and sat down and watched you win.’ That was 22 years ago or something. He was 7. I was 17. And he was sitting there, and he was watching. It was so weird,” Chopra added.

Chopra’s “Love Again” features Nick Jonas in a cameo. Chopra told ET Canada’s Sangita Patel of the scene, “We were shooting this in COVID, and they were supposed to cast a random actor to do this make-out scene with me. And, you know, he’s licking my face. And it was just all. It was all weird,” Chopra said.

“Nick was in down to help me settle in. I was supposed to move to London for a year and a half for ‘Citadel’ after ‘Love Again.’ And Jim, our director, was like, ‘Should we just ask him?’ And I said, ‘Yes, we must.’ And Nick was so gracious and lovely, and he agreed to do it. Thank God he took one for the team. He really did,” Chopra explained.