Blac Chnya has a message for anybody contemplating the addition of facial filler to their visages: don’t do it!

On Friday, May 12, the reality TV personality took to Instagram to share several photos of herself — both before and after she underwent a procedure to dissolve facial fillers in her lips and cheeks.

“I was looking at old pictures, you guys — that face was looking crazy,” she says in a video in the post.

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The first photo, she explained, was taken “a few months before I took out all the fillers.”

As she explained, she’s so glad she did.

“I look so much better. Like, ladies, that ain’t the way,” she continued.

“Look at my lips. The lips went down — thank god,” she added.

She concluded by offering a piece of advice.

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“Please don’t do the filler — it is not worth it.”