As the deadline to purchase the Ottawa Senators approaches, Snoop Dogg is calling on the Canadian NHL team to make the right decision.

In a video shared to the rapper’s Instagram page on Monday, hours before the deadline to buy the hockey club settles in, Snoop gave a shoutout “to the First Nations of Canada,” as Sportsnet reports that “First Nations groups in Canada have partnered with the Neko Sparks bid in a significant way.”

In the clip, Snoop, who joined businessman Sparks’ bid earlier this month, says, “We tryna do something. We tryna make a difference,” while repping a Senators jersey.

He even added some rhyming into his digital message, sharing what he and Sparks have to offer.

“I mean it’s official like a referee with a whistle. We all together. We tryna make it better. We just need ya’ll to hit the lever and give us control. Ottawa Senators, whatcha y’all wanna do? We here. Let’s go.”

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According to a source involved in the hockey bid, the Sparks group has included “First Nations communities in a way that would make them partners in the hockey club as well as a wide range of economic opportunities off the ice,” Sportsnet reports.

“This is giving First Nations Peoples a seat at the table,” the source said.

Details surrounding the potential equity stake the First Nations communities could have are unclear, however it’s believed to be greater than 10 per cent and includes “real estate, technology and entertainment avenues,” the outlet adds.

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Sparks, who is offering a whole new approach to owning an NHL franchise, is championing on inclusion and diversity, hence the group’s involvement of Canada’s First Nations Peoples.

“This would be really big, to see First Nations get an equity stake in a team in the nation’s capital,” another source told Sportsnet. “It’s significant. I look at this bid, with African Americans and the First Nations people in Canada who have been suppressed for a long period of Canadian history, and a successful bid by this group would be a monumental achievement.”

Snoop seemingly confirmed the group’s inclusion of First Nations Peoples by sharing a screenshot of Sportsnet‘s report to his Instagram story with a link to the article.

Photo: Instagram/ SnoopDogg
Photo: Instagram/ SnoopDogg

Following several months of the Senators being up for purchase, news of an official sale could be announced as early as Wednesday.