Terri Clark is proud to be honoured among the greats.

On May 18, the country star will be inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, and ahead of the induction she sat down to talk all about it with ET Canada’s Morgan Hoffman.

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“I am thrilled. I’m feeling just a lot of gratitude and humility in a lot of ways,” she said, when asked how she’s handling everything.

“You know, when these things happen and you get halls of fames and all of that sort of thing starting to come your way, I think it’s a culmination of hopefully just a lot of hard work and a little luck here and there. Good timing and good music that’s connected with people, and a great team behind me,” she continued. “I have wonderful management and I just feel so grateful for everybody and everything that’s happened up till now in my career. And hopefully I’m not finished. But this is a really beautiful milestone and it feels wonderful.”

Clark was also asked what went through her mind when she was first told that she was being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

“Well, I was surprised, because I was actually at the Grand Ole Opry inducting Ashley McBryde as the newest Grand Ole Opry member, and she was the one who told me about the Canadian Music Hall of Fame and that I was going to be an inductee in 2023,” she revealed. “It was her moment that I was there for, so I was not expecting that at all. And so it was a big surprise.”

The singer added, “I got teary. I couldn’t believe it. It was just a really beautiful moment. And coming from somebody who I consider one of my best friends was a great way to hear about it.”

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As an inductee, Clark is joining the ranks of Canadian icons like Shania Twain, Joni Mitchell, Alanis Morissette and more.

“It’s crazy. When you say those names, right,” she said. “I’m not worthy!”

She added, “I know the Canadian Music Hall of Fame covers, obviously, all genres, and it’s people that I grew up listening to and that my mother listened to around the house and that were influences on me and so many other people. And to be included in in a class of entertainers like that is so special.”

Clark also noted that she will be the first country artist to be inducted since Twain received the honour in 2011.

“I feel very honoured that I get to represent country music with my big old cowboy hat and go in there in 2023 and be a part of it,” she said. “It’s pretty cool.”