Given that Jane Fonda’s acting career has spanned has spanned a jaw-dropping seven decades, it’s it shouldn’t be surprising that she’s experienced the seedy underbelly of Hollywood.

Fonda appeared on a recent episode of “Watch What Happens Live”, alongside her “Book Club: The Next Chapter” co-stars Candace Bergen and Mary Steenburgen, where she shared her own #MeToo story.

While playing Plead the Fifth, host Andy Cohen asked Fonda  to name “one man in Hollywood” who failed to “pick her up.”

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Rather than stay silent, Fonda singled out French director René Clément, revealing the clumsy attempt at seduction while directing her in the 1964 film “Joy House”.

“He wanted to go to bed with me because he said the character had to have an orgasm in the movie and he needed to see what my orgasms were like,” said Fonda of the director, who 51 at the time while she was 27.

“He said it in French and I pretended I didn’t understand,” Fonda explained, telling Cohen, “I have stories for you kid, but we don’t have time.”