Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t make the decisions when it comes to everything he’s involved with work-wise.

Schwarzenegger chatted to ET Canada’s Carlos Bustamante alongside his “FUBAR” co-star Monica Barbaro while promoting their new series.

A synopsis reads, “A CIA operative on the verge of retirement discovers a family secret and is forced to go back into the field for one last job.”

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As Bustamante mentioned Schwarzenegger also had a three-part docuseries on the way with Netflix, the actor said of how he knew now was the right time to release a doc about his life and career: “You know, I don’t know… I don’t make the decision, nor do I make the decision that the documentary is being made about me in the first place.

“This is Netflix’s deal, I have very little to do with this whole thing other than having to sit there for, I don’t know how many hours… 40 hours of interviews and stuff like that that I agreed to do,” he insisted.

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The former Governor of California went on, “And because I want to have my story and my side of the story told by me.

“You know, when it comes out, Netflix makes those decisions.”

He added that the “FUBAR” response might have been so great that bosses thought a documentary might be successful.

Schwarzenegger continued, “I as a matter of fact was just made the chief action officer of Netflix, and so I only make decisions now when it comes to action series or action movies that I have a say, but not about documentaries or anything like that.”

“FUBAR” hits Netflix May 25.