“The Little Mermaid” hasn’t even hit theatres yet, and fans are already asking for a spin-off series focusing on the adventures of the film’s three beloved sea creatures — Flounder the fish, Ariel’s best friend; Sebastian the crab, King Triton’s royal court composer; and Scuttle the seagull, Ariel’s friend and self-proclaimed expert on human stuff.

Canadian actor Jacob Tremblay, who stars as the voice of Flounder in the upcoming Disney live-action adaptation, told ET Canada’s Jed Tavernier whether or not he’d be interested in a potential “Little Mermaid” spin-off.

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“Yeah, why not?” said the 16-year-old. “I mean, I think they’d have to age Flounder up a little bit,” he joked, seemingly poking fun at both his teenage high-pitched voice and the young-sounding character. “Maybe, like, do the AI thing with my voice, kind of change it down a little bit.

“But, yeah, that’d be fun,” he continued, gushing over how “fun and unique” the “Little Mermaid” set was.

Jacob Tremblay in The Little Mermaid – Photo: Disney
Jacob Tremblay in The Little Mermaid – Photo: Disney

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“I had never done anything like that before,” he explained. “And I’m curious if I’ll ever end up doing something like that again, because it was pretty much set up almost like a stage, almost like a play. So yeah.”

Watch Tremblay swim through the kingdom of Atlantica when “The Little Mermaid” hits theatres on May 26.