Seth Rogen has another talent to add to his long list.

The Canadian actor chatted to ET Canada’s Keshia Chanté alongside his co-star Rose Byrne while promoting their new Apple TV+ series “Platonic”.

Chanté referenced a scene where Rogen danced on a table “Coyote Ugly”-style in the show, with him saying how he picked the moves up way faster than his co-star Luke Macfarlane.

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Rogen admitted, “Yeah… that was pretty good, huh? I picked it up faster than Luke, which was hilarious.

“Much, much, much, much, much faster. I got it in like 5 minutes. He was in there like a full day with the choreographer.

“And even by the time we shot it he was like B minus. Then we had to write it into the scene that I was showing him how to do it because he just kind of couldn’t do it,” he laughed.

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Rogen then said “dancing” again, as Chanté continued to question the pair on what their “secret set of skills” would be.

Rogen plays Will in the series, that launches on May 24, while Byrne stars as Sylvia.

A synopsis reads, “Former childhood best friends reconnect as adults and try to get past the rift that led to their falling out.”

See more from Rogen and Byrne’s ET Canada chat in the clip below.