Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne are used to playing a married couple on screen, but how did they feel about starring as friends in their latest TV series “Platonic”?

Rogen and Byrne recently spoke to ET Canada’s Keshia Chanté about their new Apple TV+ show, in which they star as former BFFs — Will and Sylvia — who end up reconnecting as adults.

Fans will remember that the pair starred in the “Neighbours” movies together as married couple Mac and Kelly Radner.

Byrne said as we questioned whether the actors preferred playing a couple or friends, “It’s just different,” as Rogen added, “It’s just a little different, yeah.”

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“I think there’s less affection in general,” the Canadian actor laughed, adding: “You can walk away… my character just cleanses his hands of the whole situation from time to time. Which you can’t do if you’re a married couple.”

Pointing out you can’t just tell the wife to “deal with your s**t” if you’re married to them, he went on: “It’s fun doing both, you know?”

Byrne admitted, “It was different, though… I realized, ‘Oh, I can’t do that this time.’ It’s just a different dynamic, but it was fun.”

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Elsewhere in the chat, the pals spoke about co-producing the series together.

Byrne told Chanté of what that was like, “It felt like a natural evolution from doing the movies… this was a different take that we chose to do this project together,” giving a shout-out to creators Francesca Delbanco and Nicholas Stoller.

She added, “It’s always lovely when you’ve worked with people before and you have a good time, and if the product is good and then you can find something else to do.”

Rogen continued, “Yeah, it was great,” adding that he’d worked with Stoller since he was 18 so it was “an easy relationship at this point.”

“Platonic” launches on Apple TV+ on May 24.

See more from Rogen and Byrne’s ET Canada chat in the clip below.