Aubrey Plaza refrained from indulging in the small-screen success of “The White Lotus”.

The Golden Globe-nominated actress, 38, graced the cover of Vanity Fair‘s June issue on Tuesday, revealing that she isn’t a fan of watching content, let alone her work like “The White Lotus”, via streaming platforms.

“I get really angry,” confessed Plaza, venting her frustrations to the publication.

“I was trying to watch ‘Top Chef’ season 20. Couldn’t figure out how to f***ing get Hulu + Live. I give up! I can’t. I just can’t. And so what I like to do is go on iTunes and buy movies that are old. Or I’ll go on iTunes and just, like, buy the whole ‘Sopranos’ series, and then my husband will be like, ‘You literally can watch that for free on HBO Max.'”

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The “Parks and Rec” alum then boldly revealed that she hasn’t even given in to watching her critically-acclaimed season of “The White Lotus”, even refusing the interviewer’s HBO Max login.

“I wasn’t planning to [watch it] until 10 years from now. Unless I’m producing something, I’ll watch it 100 million times. But if I’m just acting in something, I generally don’t watch it.”

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However, the star did admit to watching the emotional “Sopranos” finale, which aired in 2006, starring her fellow “Lotus” cast member Michael Imperioli. Mocking a conversation with co-star Jake Johnson, she shared, “We texted each other through the final scene… ‘I don’t know, but I was crying,’ and I was like, ‘I was crying too.’ This is ridiculous, that we’re going through Sopranos finale stuff.”

“The White Lotus”, which has bagged 10 Emmys, recently confirmed that the highly-anticipated season 3 will be shot in Thailand.